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Rhino Flooring of St. Marys is proud to offer a wide variety of products and finishes for every individual job.
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Rhino Flooring

Before and after: Rhino Flooring

Rhino Flooring has built their reputation on providing quality crafted products that go above and beyond, making your life easier. Leveraging the unbeatable performance and pedigree of Rhino Linings, Rhino Flooring is proud to offer unmatched service and high-end products.

Rubber stone

Before and after: Rubberstone or Sierra Stone

Our resilient Rubber Stone resurfacing products stand the test of time, providing durable and stylish overlays on concrete, asphalt, and wood surfaces for your residential and commercial properties. Enhance your driveway, sidewalk, garage, pool area, playground, and more with Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone, and EnduraFlake.

Chips Unlimited Flake System

Before and after: Rhino Flooring

Chips Unlimited color CHIPS elevate any residential, commercial, and industrial space, bringing a touch of design in durable, seamless flooring systems. Use high-performing CHIP flakes as a flooring solution in your garage, utility room, basement, high-traffic corridors, restrooms, warehouse, and retail space.

Double Broadcast Quartz

Quartz Finish

Designed for maximum durability and protection, our double-broadcast polyaspartic quartz coating system is recommended for the toughest interior and exterior environments. With multiple layers of colored quartz broadcast into Poly-Shell Clear and top-coated with Poly-Shell Clear, your flooring comes with high-strength and chemical resistance.

Metallic / Marble

Marble Floor Look

Renovate your room with marble or metallic floor finish, creating an eye-catching space that will last for years. This one-of-a-kind flooring comes in various colors and mixes, achieving the look of your choice.

Cemetitious Overlays

Overlay Floor

With concrete overlays, you can pass up on disruptive and expensive concrete replacements and cover up surface imperfections with ease. Give any worn concrete slab a decorative makeover the same day and at a fraction of the cost.

Solid Color Industrial Coatings

Industrial Flooring

Step back and let your flooring do the hard work. In heavy traffic areas, cementitious overlays can take on constant impact, offering high abrasion and chemical resistance on a non-slip surface that’s easy to clean and enhances aesthetics.

Flake Colors for Every Job

With over 40 color CHIPS options, the flooring possibilities are endless. We can custom order any color that fit the job and make sure your floors are perfect when completed.

We can also create blends from any combination of CHIPS – just tell us the colors and ratios you’d like, or look through the Blend Library catalog below.

Don’t see the color or blend you want? Simply provide us with a sample fo what you want to match. Whether it’s a piece of natural stone, a concrete overlay, a wall treatment, a color palette, or a company logo, we can match it!

Rubber Stone Territories

Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone, and EnduraFlake covers deteriorating concrete, asphalt and other surfaces to ensure that your driveways, sidewalks, garages, pool areas, playgrounds, and so much more are high-quality, durable, stylish, and functional.

Rhino Flooring of St. Marys is happy to serve the entire Northwestern part of Pennsylvania. 

map of coverage rhino flooring of st mayrs provides

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